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Top 10 Retro Football Kits That You Can Flaunt in Style

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Old clothes may be out of date and out of place, but football and sports have made historic kits and old designs in place and fashionable.

We have seen teams and kit designers dig into archives to bring forgotten kit designers back to life lately, a reminder that whether you want the modernized version or classic print, you can flaunt retro kits.

Therefore, we take a look at 10 selected retro kits that you can flaunt in style.


1. BRAZIL (1970 World Cup Shirt)


You can't do any wrong with the father of all classic shirts, it's all-around simplicity with a yellow base and green tape around the neck and arm.

No pattern, no design but this shirt remains attractive over the years, and the world cup success recorded with this shirt makes it one to put your money.

The likes of Jairzinho, Gérson, Tostão, Pele and Rivelino who dorned this won't argue.




For those who don't find plain shirts worthy of their money, here is a 'not boring' tiger stripes printed Borussia Monchengladbach's home jersey from their cup triumph in 1996.

The color combination is perfect with a white base and green and black stripes which are gapped. Certainly a unique jersey.


3. BELGIUM (1984 World Cup)


You have seen this before right? Yes, it was at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Belgium went back to 1984 for the inspiration for that shirt.

The original design had a red base with black, yellow, and red diamond shapes on white tape on the chest

The modernized version also had the same design but whether the modernized version or the classic print, you can get both right here on our online store.


4. ENGLAND (1982 Home Shirt)

If there is an England shirt that made proper use of the crest colors, it has to be this shirt that was used at the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

The usual white shirt with a shoulder-chest region with blue-red-white-blue bars imprints.

The shirt has a V-neck with blue-red-white-blue prints which also appear on the arm sleeves.

It was the inspiration for the 2018 FIFA World Cup jersey for the Three Lions.


5. ARSENAL (1991 away)


The zigzag design was quite popular among the Gunners faithful with the Yellow and Blue colors combination on a deep blue short.

The reincarnation into a modernized version recently also received positive reviews and was well accepted among fans.

Having both versions wouldn't be a bad idea and you can shop for your preference right here on the website.


6. CELTIC (1967 Home shirt)

If you want a little blend of plain and design then this shirt should be your go-to choice.

The large green and white hoops are classic and catchy, rightly get their spot as one of the best retro kits. Celtic won the 1967 European Cup with this shirt and it can easily win a trophy if there is one for this list.




Colombia has always had colorful jerseys from time immemorial by the virtue of their national colors.

However, none stands out like the 1990 shirt of the Colombian jersey, the one that comes close is its modernized version that was used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The jersey is basically yellow with red stripes on the shoulder with blue bars sandwiched in between two reds at the shoulder joints.


8. CAMEROON (2002 Home shirt)

The Cameroonian national team had a sleeveless jersey for their 2002 Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

However, despite the popularity of the NBA-like design of the shirt among fans and its acceptance by the Confederation of African Football, FIFA failed to allow it at the world cup in Korea/Japan.

Hence, Cameroon added a black sleeve to the all-green top for the world cup finals, many have forgotten but it still remains one of the top retro kits of all time.



Nigeria's jersey to their first-ever FIFA World Cup appearance may not be remembered by many except Nigerians, it still stands as a proper retro jersey which birthed even better two modernized versions.

The 1994 jersey had a white base with black and green imprints as the Super Eagles won the 1994 AFCON.

However, the 2018 version had green wing-like prints across the shirt that has a V-neck. It was so spectacular that it sold out in Nike stores within hours of release.

Nigeria then released a new kit in 2020 which is a slight variation from the 2018 kit but with a more pronounced African traditional attire design.


10. MAN UTD (1990 away KIT)


Picking the design for the last spot on this list was never an easy task with a plethora of options we could have gone with but we give this to Manchester United's away jersey of 1990.

The shirt has a blue flowery pattern across the torso with red details on the shoulder. The jersey also inspired 2021/2022 away jersey.

There is no bad in flaunting both versions just hop on to our web page to go through our array of retro jerseys.

Honorary mentions go to Germany's home kit of 1990 with which they won the FIFA World Cup, it also inspired their recent world cup jersey in 2018.

Denmark is known for its unique red shirt with v stripes and their debut world cup in 1986 is worth the money.

Ajax remains one of Europe's biggest sides with multiple European titles to their name, so also is their red and white home kit which has had multiple variations in design.

However, the most classic of them has to be the 1971 white shirt with a single thick red stripe in the middle with red tape on the neck and sleeves as well.

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