GJ / August 25, 2022

7 of The Best Teams From The Indian Premier League

Keywords: IPL, cricket, sports enthusiast

Cricket is Indians beloved sports, popular among the young, old, men, women, boys and girls. Every young sports enthusiast has cricket player as a role model.

From Kolkata Knight Riders, to Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, IPL clubs are big deal in India. The love for cricket is undeniable.

An Indian lady who doesn't love cricket jeopardize the love and attention of her partner but while the prominence of the India Premier League goes beyond the Asian continent, some newcomers on the IPL bandwagon may find it difficult to identify with a club.

A quick look into the history of the India Premier League shows that the league is a T-20 cricket League started in 2007 and contested by 10 Indian clubs.

The 2020 season of the league was moved because of the covid 19 pandemic and played in the U